Bridgend MS meets representatives from local campaign group

Bridgend MS Carwyn Jones has met with representatives from a local campaign group, Save our Fields group in Brackla, to discuss the latest developments at Brackla Hill.

BCBC has commissioned a feasibility study which is currently underway at the Brackla Hill site which is located off Brackla Way, to decide whether it might be suitable for a new home for the Welsh medium primary school, Ysgol Bro Ogwr. The council had considered a number of alternative sites before members agreed in January to go ahead with a feasbility study on land it owns at Brackla Hill.

During the meeting, Mr Jones heard about how the local community has come together to voice their objection to this proposal and have designed a petition which has attracted thousands of signatures. He also heard about how well used and how well loved the field is by the local community. He was left in no doubt that losing their remaining green spaces really matters to people and that they are passionate about protecting their safe, green spaces. They also stressed that they felt that if this site is the preferred site by BCBC then this would go against all the strategies which promote well being and environmental protection.

Mr Jones said ” I understand and share the concerns of the community about what losing this green space will mean. I am happy to work with the group to explore alternatives to the proposed site in Brackla. I have arranged to meet with BCBC and the four Brackla councillors to discuss the situation further”.

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