Congratulations to Bryntirion Infants School

It was lovely to visit Bryntirion Infants School recently to congratulate the school on being awarded a National Quality Award. The school was awarded the NQA as part of the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes in July 2016. The scheme is a Welsh Government programme managed by Public Health Wales. It was great to read that a recent report has concluded that the school is a happy, healthy school, loved by its members and appreciated by its community.

During my recent visit to the school, it was good to speak to the Headteacher Mrs Kathryn Foster and to hear about the many activities that occur at the school including the excellent weekly Assembly, the daily walk after lunch around the school grounds, the parent and child cookery sessions where every parent gets the opportunity to come into school and cook healthy recipes with their child and other parents and pupils and the great opportunities for outdoor learning.

It was also interesting to hear about the endeavours of the caretaker of the school. The caretaker, who as well as being a groundsman, is a qualified football coach who runs a weekly football club, runs a weekly fruit and veg co-op involving pupils and parents as well as community members and has transformed the grounds into a major learning resource.

It is a great achievement for the school and I was very pleased to have the opportunity of visiting the school and saying well done in person. They should all feel very proud.