Respecting your local environment

With many of us more environmentally aware and protective of our local environment, it is disappointing to see a rise in the amount of litter on many of our beaches and beauty spots. It is sad to see a minority acting in this selfish way, leaving their litter and not treating our beauty spots with respect. There is simply no excuse for leaving litter. It is not someone else’s problem. We all have our part to play. During one litter pick session in Porthcawl organised by volunteers, over 35 bags full of rubbish were collected from Coney Beach and the Salt Lake car park.

Among the many items left on beaches are plastic cups, bottles, wet wipes, food packaging and discarded PPE items- single use face masks and gloves. The latter is especially causing concern as they are not only harmful to the environment as they do not degrade but they also pose a clear health and safety risk. It is vital that these items are disposed of correctly in a non-recyclable waste bag or bin.

We need to appreciate and value what we have. Please enjoy the outdoors safely, responsibly and take home your litter

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