Weekly update with Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB

Each week, Bridgend MS Carwyn Jones and/or a member of his Team meet with health professionals from Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB to discuss the latest situation and to raise issues directly with the health board on behalf of constituents. During this weeks’ meeting, discussions centred on the latest infection rates, on vaccine deployment and the supply of vaccines and on care homes.

On infection rates, although figures remain high, the trend is starting to decrease. It is clear that the restrictions in place are having an affect on case rates. All hospitals remain very busy. All elective work has been put on hold to deal with the pandemic.

There was an update on the Seren Field Hospital. It currently has 74 patients. There are currently 12% of staff off work either with covid 19 or isolating. Staff are being redeployed from their usual day jobs to meet the extra demand. Staff are feeling the pressure after nearly a year of this.

CTMUHB has a dedicated section of their website for Covid-19 information. This can be accessed below:
Covid -19 latest information

With regard to vaccinations, CTMUHB also have a dedicated section of their website for Covid-19 vaccine information. This can be accessed below:
Covid -19 vaccine information

As of yesterday, circa 16,000 vaccines had been given and this will continue to increase from next week. The Health Board is confident that the priority groups 1-4 will receive their vaccines by mid-February and the priority groups 5-9 by the spring. A reserve list is always available for late call-ins should there be last minute cancellations.

On supply issues, when CTMUHB receive the supplies, they get it out – there is very little wasteage.

In regard to care homes, it is the aim of the health board to deliver the first dose of the vaccine to all care homes by 31st January.